Omni Center Olkusz is located at Rabsztyńska 2 Street in Olkusz

Its advantage is a convenient communication location. Easy access by car from every side of the city, as well as the extensive network of public transport lines are undoubtedly advantage of the Center.

The outdoor car park has 340 parking spaces. Thanks to its convenient location and simple communication solutions, the center enables shopping and using services in the shortest period of time.

Omni Center Olkusz is part of the shopping center chain Omni Centrums.

Omni is a real estate, management and investment company that acquires, develops and manages properties in Poland. It was established in partnership by two investors, who are multinational seasoned entrepreneurs with proven reputation in property development in Belgium, Bulgaria, Israel, Poland, Panama, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom and USA. The company benefits from a highly-skilled internal management team, which combines asset management, development, investment, leasing and financial expertise.

The company is constantly exploring new ways to preserve and expand its activity by searching unique opportunities.